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Paid advertising

To be seen on social media, it is essential to have an effective paid strategy behind your content. Gone are the days when your content can be seen organically. There’s too much traffic. We craft customized paid media strategies that follow up-to-date best practice guidelines. Custom audiences, copy, imagery, and call-to-actions are just some of the ways we ensure you are seen on social media.


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1. Identify Audiences: Understand your customers, product, and offers to build advanced target audiences. Develop a S.M.A.R.T. plan around your goals for the campaign

2. Create your Customer's Journey: Establish and run through the steps of your customer's journey in your social media and the funnel in which we lead the way to sales.

3. Establish KPIs: The most important metrics that’ll determine the success of your advertising campaign.


4. Build Campaigns: Tweak existing account(s) or create a new build based on the social ads audit findings. We use A/B testing to always ensure the best ROAS on the campaign and constantly improve your results.

5. Review Results: Constant measurement and adjustments to improve the performance of the campaigns.

6. Ongoing Management: Manage campaigns on an ongoing basis to ensure they’re operating properly.



It all starts with you and your business. We need to know more about you. Whom are you trying to sell to? Are you a dive center/resort or ocean experience? Are you offering services to visitors or is it mainly residents in your area? What are the age groups, education, and demographics of your potential customers are some of the questions we need to know to better assist you.


Throughout the campaign, we will be reviewing the success of the campaign according to the KPIs set and adjusting accordingly to better maximize your paid advertising campaign.


Once we have all the data needed to understand your business and goals, we can start to develop a Creative Brief, Customer's Journey and S.M.A.R.T. plan with you. Finally, we will set up realistic KPIs along with you and your budget so we have metrics we can follow along in the campaign to tweak it where needed. 


After each campaign, you will receive a detailed report of its success and ideas for improvement for future ones.


a free online consultation 

Sign up for a FREE 30min one-on-one evaluation, and revision of your social media with Anders Heegaard. Before the meeting, we will evaluate all your social platforms and have ideas/feedback on how to improve them.


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