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Organic Social 

The heart of any successful social media effort is in the stories you tell. Every story you craft for your client’s social media channels serves a purpose and should be planned out in advance. Stay on brand while weaving the perfect mix of language and imagery to drive action. We understand diving and make sure that your social media channels entertain day in and day out.

Posting regular and relevant social media posts lets your existing clients and followers know about upcoming courses, dive events, liveaboard trips, social events, or gear sales. Connect with them via your social platforms to create a bond and interest in your business naturally.



Step 1: Before we start we will analyze your demographics and what posts in the past performed best and which ones didn't. From this data, we can get a good understanding of your followers and what they like to see. 

Step 2:

Secondly, we set up an online meeting with you or the person in charge of your social media and discuss ideas for improvement and new ideas. These will include platform use, demographic targeting, and content creation.

Our social media content expert will also teach you simple, yet effective creative ways to improve your visuals and text posts to be more engaging with your audience.


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Step 3: Calendar creation. Your content should be created ahead of time, so post topics should be planned for the month in advance. This creates consistency which is a key factor for your organic social engagements. Our team will send you a great calendar template focused for your dive center or ocean experience businesses, and assist you in choosing topics and content to fill it with.

Step 4: Analyze and improve. At the end of each month we will look back at the platforms and posts and evaluating their effect on likes, shares, engagements and comments. From this data, we will learn more about your audience and its preferences in content, and how to include more similar posts and topics in next month's schedule.



Analyze your current social media platforms like Facebook and Instagram, and get a good idea of what content is working best for you and where there are room for improvement.


Personal one-on-one meeting with our social media content expert to discuss our findings and areas for improvement. Our expert will offer simple, yet highly effective ideas on how to improve your visual posts such as photos, videos and text. This include suggestions and training on mobile editing apps to enhance the quality of your social visuals.



You will receive our custom-made dive centre / ocean experience calendar, which we will assist you in populating with relevant daily/weekly topics specific to your business. Consistent posts with high quality content is the way to keep your audience engaged, build trust and create more sales.



Measure, Analyze, and Improve. After each month we will look back at your social media post performances across your platforms, and get a better idea of what works best and what does not. Assist you with next month's planning and optimization of your schedule and social media posts.



a free online consultation 

Sign up for a FREE 30min one-on-one evaluation, and revision of your social media with Anders Heegaard. Before the meeting, we will evaluate all your social platforms and have ideas/feedback on how to improve them.


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